Megan Sweeney,MA
PhD Student

Meg is currently a Clinical Psychology PhD student at Loma Linda University's School of Behavioral Health. Her research interests center on biobehavioral and integrative approaches to chronic pain management in pediatric populations, as well as the relationships among pain, anxiety, and broad health outcomes including pain-related functioning. Meg has extensive experience developing, disseminating, implementing, and evaluating educational and lifestyle behavior change programs for adolescents and young adults with chronic conditions. By completing an undergraduate degree in neuroscience and psychology at Boston College, and a Master’s of Public Health at UC San Diego, Meg has cultivated a commitment devoted to reducing health disparities through community-based work. Meg enjoys doing yoga and taking her dog to the beach. With a passion for partnering with children and adolescents through research, clinical practice, and education, Meg is excited to cultivate a collaborative career involving each of these aspects!