Erica Mazzone, MA
Associate Lab Member - PhD Student

Erica Mazzone is a Ph.D. student in the Clinical Psychology program at Loma Linda University. Her research interests include child and adolescent internalizing disorders, particularly anxiety and depression, and their bidirectional relationship with physical health conditions. As a member of Dr. Boustani’s CARE lab, she is interested in developing and evaluating school-based, early intervention strategies to help high-risk youth experiencing these problems in underserved and understudied community populations. As an associate lab member of the Pediatric Health Behavior Lab, she helps recruit participants for the Sleep Center Study and has presented a poster on its preliminary results, titled “Sleep Difficulties and Parental Communication as Predictors of Internalizing Behavior in Adolescents.” She hopes to continue studying these variables under both her research mentors, and she aims to become a Pediatric Psychologist.